becky (glitterybint) wrote in nevilles,

theatre trip

Im not sure if we have a social sec but if we do im
sorry if im treading on anyone's toes.

I think it would be nice for us to have a social to
the theatre and since a few people have mentioned some
interest Im willing to arrange a trip.

The Reduced Shakespeare Company are perfroming "All
the great books (abridged)" from monday the 26th april
to saturday 1st may at the lyceum. Since there is an
event ( holdenby, i think) that weekend I propose the
wednesday or thursday night to go see it.

cost will be between £9 and £17 depending on where we
sit, i will try and get the cheapest seats I can get.
There will also be a saving if we get more than 10
people going.

For anyone who hasnt heard of the reduced shakespeare
company they are basically doing a very fast paced
performance of all the books you should have read, so
chaucer, dickens, Jane austen to Jeffrey archer (
apparently!) the blurb in the programme says:

" warning, this show is a high speed rollercoaster
tyoe condensation of the complete works of great
literature and is not recommended for those with heart
ailments, back probl;ems english degrees, inner ear
disorders and or people inclinced to motion sickness,
the reduced shakespeare company cannot be held
responsible for expectant mothers"

so, it should be a laff.

can people please mail me saying whether they want to
come, as a definite or a maybe and if they prefer
monday wednesday or thursday evening. If there are no
preferences I will decide and you wont be allowed to
complain. I want to know all definites by A WEEK ON
SUNDAY, THATS THE 29TH. and I will get tickets the
following week. You dont have to pay me in advance but
menaces will be used to extract money if you keep me
waiting too long.

waiting eagerly for responses,
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