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Can't mail out, sorry!

Edy, could you send this to the appropriate people:

Definite attendees:
Adrian taking each other(heh)and a couple of bills.
Steve take himself
Edy take stuff marked with an #- can you also take Rob since he doesn't have much kit.
Rob going with Edy.
Eric can you take the fire grate (still at yours?) and the awning?

Possible attendees: Need to know ASAP if you are going! Mail to

Soc tin hat, (for Rob)
Soc bill (for Rob - one of which is coincidentally lurking in Rob's
Fire grate
Soc awning
First aid kit #
Fire buckets #
Water jug #
Blunts #
Sharps (arrers) #
Soc box #
1 left glove for Adam #
Soc awning sides #
Soc pans #
Wretch tent(s)

Does the soc bell tent need to go? rob is borrowing plastic off us ( am assuming that there is plastic camping since I can't open the warning orders)Do wretch tents need to go, who is going to use them?

I am away until friday, so will not be recieving mails until then.

Edit Jacquie isn't going so have asked Erik instead of Adam to take the awning since he should have a bit more carspace.
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I think there's one in the soc box.
I have emailed you and edy afew weeks ago confirming I was attending
I understand from Edy the soc bell tent is available and I will be using it.
Soz, thought this is Berkley warning orders, recieved warning orders for berkley from Eds this morning hence the confusion
OK :] I think Berkeley is all sorted now, is everything ok with that?

Huntington, I will assume you're going so that you have a lift but if you aren't going can you let me and Erik know. Did you need the soc bell tent for Huntington?

I'm not sure if there is plastic camping at Huntington, I'm assuming there is but if there isn't Rob, Adrian and me will all need authentic tent space so we might have to take the big soc tent instead.
No Huntington for me
OK, Edy had you down as a possible, but I'll take you off now.
There will be a soc tin hat for Rob in the soc box.

According to the warning orders for Huntigdon (sent 25/7/05) there is plastic camping. See map with file name: WOmap2.JPG fopr where it is in relation to the rest of the site.

As there is a plastic site, I assume that the soc tent is not needed and is not going (unless someone mails me / texts to tell me different).