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Fire grate

Ok, in the last few AGMs we’ve discussed replacing the soc fire grate and have agreed we need a new one. This year’s action was to get prices and ideas for new fire grates.

1) The existing fire grate is mostly ok, it mainly needs the fire tray replacing. We could just get a new tray made and carry on using it.
Pros: cheap; known design; people seem mostly happy with the current fire.
Cons: not shiny new toy; rest of fire grate will need replacing at some point; doesn’t have flexibility of different heat levels.

2) Replace the fire tray and upgrade the existing fire grate. E.g. attach sockets to the corners for inserting upside down L brackets / pot supports. These can be used for hanging pots off + swung in over the fire and out again.
Pros: more flexible design; hanging pots looks more like a traditional fire range.
Cons: costs more than option 1, new sockets could make it difficult to transport (awkward shape).

3) Have a new fire grate made to Neville specifications by Mark Allen (has made Edy’s rabbit spit).

3a) Eric spotted a good looking fire grate in the William Stanley camp. It would flat pack into the seperate uprights and cross bar(s) (min 5 ‘poles’) and a fire tray.
It consists of 2 uprights forming an upside down V joined to a second upside down V by a cross bar. The uprights have several sockets for resting a spit or additional cross bars on at different heights. The fire tray is also attached to the uprights by slotting its hooks into the upright’s sockets.
Pros: looks like a traditional fire range; flexible options for different types of cooking / heat; should flat-pack well.
Cons: more expensive than option 1+2 (cos buying whole new fire).; will have to wait for it to be built.

3b) A.N.Other design:
Pros: built to Nev spec so exactly what we want.
Cons: more expensive than option 1+2; we have to agree what we want!

4) Buy a new fire grate of unspecified design.
Pros: instant availability once purchased (no waiting time for delivery).
Cons: more expensive than option 1+2; need to find one we like + agree on.

I’m leaning towards option 3a, but what do people think?

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