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nevilles's Journal

crazy re-enactors
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This is the commuity for the Nevilles. We are a group of re-enactors based in sheffield who practise using meadieval weaponry and make kit during the winter months and then go and re-enact battles from the Wars of the Roses for the public during the summer.

We tour around the country for various events and have been known to go all the way to Italy before.

The community is for discussion of practises, events, socials, kitmaking, history and general gossip that relates to what we do. (Which may possibly include calling certain people neville-boy if the occasion arises).


Treat everyone with respect and if you have to disagree do it like an adult. Flaming will not be tolerated.

Dont post results from online tests, these are for your personal journal. Even if its "what kind of medeival weapon are you?".

if you have a long entry (as it were) or photos etc use a cut tag and mention if something isnt worksafe.

keep on topic

have fun!